Serving Our Sisters Spiritual Food, Inc.

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We urge you to contribute, in any way you can, to our tireless nurses – our miracle workers, healers, and instruments of our Almighty Father. [ Click Here » ]

Welcome to Serving Our Sisters Spiritual Food, Inc.

group of women laughingWe are committed to providing support, love, and guidance to our passionate nurses who have dedicated their lives to helping the sick, elderly, and disabled members of our communities. We aim to help them find meaning in their profession and in their lives – letting them realize how truly appreciated they are. We urge you to join us today in supporting this cause and fulfilling this mission. Let it be our purpose as the sons and daughters of our Almighty God and the brothers and sisters of these modern-day heroes.

MISSION Statement

Serving Our Sisters Spiritual Food, Inc. Is dedicated to supporting nurses helping them to live balanced lives by giving, sharing, and serving.

OUR Vision

Serve nursing colleagues by promoting wholeness.


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